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  • Apple Languages Sucre
    Country: Bolivia
    Area: Sucre
    Sponsor School

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    Bolivia is a wonderful place in which to learn the Spanish language. Our Spanish school is located in Sucre, a university town in Bolivia with a rich cultural heritage and a lively atmosphere. With its white washed colonial architecture and a large indigenous population, Sucre is ideal for those who want to learn the Spanish language in an unspoilt environment. Our Spanish school in Bolivia offers courses to students of all levels, all year. Accommodation is available with carefully selected Spanish speaking Bolivian host families.

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  • Peru Language Center
    Country: Perù
    Area: Cuzco
    Sponsor School

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    This is a Spanish school with an innovative method of teaching Spanish. Our teachers put a lot of emphasis on conversation. Our students not only learn Spanish but also live it, because of our combination of grammar and intensive conversation in class and having to practice day to day speaking with local people in the restaurants, universities, tourism offices,etc.

    Our method of teaching Spanish has been adapted to the needs of our students. Our priority is to completely satisfy all of their educational needs.

  • Estudio Internacional Sampere
    Country: Spain
    Area: Alicante
    Sponsor School

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    Alberto and Isabel Sampere pioneered Spanish language teaching in the 1950s and established the first Estudio Sampere language school in Madrid in 1956. Today, we have four internationally renowned Spanish language schools, where more than 75 professionals guarantee Spanish language training of the highest quality.

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  • Centro Puccini - Italian Language School at the Seaside
    Country: Italy
    Area: Seaside Cities
    Sponsor School

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    Learn Italian at the seaside, in Tuscany, Italy
    Officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research
    Study Italian in Italy where it is spoken — The italian language school "Giacomo Puccini Centre" organizes all the year round Italian Language and Culture Courses to learn italian in Viareggio, one of Tuscany's most beautiful beaches.

  • Bouchereau Lingua International
    Country: Canada
    Area: Quebec City
    Sponsor School

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    Foundedin Canada in 1976 andchartered by the federal government, Bouchereau Lingua International Inc.(BLI):

    is accredited by the governmentsof Canada and Quebec (RAP) and, in translation, by the Department of theSecretary of State of Canada;

    is a member of the chambers ofcommerce of Montreal, Quebec City, of Canada in Mexico, of France and Germanyin Canada, as well as the OSTD (Ontario Society for Training &Development);

    is a member of CAPLS (CanadianAssociation of Private Language Schools) and CEC (Canadian Education Centres);

    haspartners in France, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Germany, Italy, Argentina and Chile.

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  • Playa del carmen language Institute
    Country: Mexico
    Area: Cancun costa Maya
    Sponsor School

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    The language school in Playa del Carmen is part of one of the most recognized chains of Spanish Language Schools in Mexico. Each month, the language school received students from around the world who are interested in improving their Spanish skills or in learning Spanish for the first time.

  • Enforex
    Country: Argentina
    Area: Buenos Aires
    Sponsor School

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    Argentina holds a unique position among Latin American countries. It has the second-largest landmass in South America, and the makeup of its population is quite different from the rest of the continent. Argentina’s nearly 37,000,000 inhabitants are largely descendant from Spaniards, Italians, Germans and other Europeans.

    Learn Spanish in Argentina with Enforex and get to know a country blessed with an immense range of natural wonders. From the deserts of the north and the plains of the Pampas to the fantastic waterfalls of Iguazú and the Andean mountain chain, it might just be the most beautiful and geographically diverse country in the world. As a result, it’s the perfect place to study for adventurous, outdoorsy types. Its ski slopes, for one, are covered in heavenly, powdery snow.

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  • Spanish Institute
    Country: Mexico
    Area: Puebla
    Sponsor School

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    The Spanish Institute is a highly regarded Spanish Language School specialized in teaching the Spanish language and its culture through a 3 or 4 week Intensive Immersion program in Mexico.

    Our students learn from the outset to think and express themselves in Spanish as they participate in our exceptional Award Winning Academic Curriculum and wide variety of extra curriculum activities.

    Our Spanish Language School has provided an intensive Spanish immersion program for over 25 years to students, professionals (from all fields) and seniors from more than 55 countries.


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